10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

How to become an Axolotl

Workshop mit Yolanda Morales

A movement workshop with choreographer Yolanda Morales for people with and without dance experience

As part of the interventions of the 10 tage freischwimmen festival, Yolanda Morales is developing HOW I BECAME AN AXOLOTL and invites participants in this workshop to approach the figure of the axolotl and its movements.

The workshop offers the opportunity to approach the choreographer's movement repertoire: moving slowly increases the energy, concentration and precision of our movements. Slow movement harbours the potential for more conscious movement. The workshop teaches movement tools such as dynamic stillness or the zoom perspective. Together we will create a moving image and possibly learn from the axolotl how to age more slowly.

Registration for the event by mail to: kontakt@theaterrampe.de


How to become an Axolotl // Workshop mit Yolanda Morales

Datum: Samstag 27.04.2024Uhrzeit: 11:00 UhrOrt: Produktionszentrum — Tanz + Performance e.V. Stuttgart