10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

Un/Wellness – reine Zeitverwendung

Photo: Moritz Küstner

Frl. Wunder AG

Photo: Moritz Küstner

Frl. Wunder AG is dedicated to the most important resource at Mineralbad Berg: time. It bubbles up from inexhaustible sources; it is spent, drawn out or flies by. But the spa offers only a temporary respite from the discomfort of its unstoppable flow. In an un/wellness centre, Frl. Wunder AG invites you to jump headfirst out of standard time and dive through your own discomfort with the fourth dimension.

All guests at the centre are welcomed with a personal time diagnosis. In the subsequent treatments, guests connect with time in their own bodies, share the presence of other living beings in the bath or utilise their interweaving in astronomical time dimensions. Between bodywork, physical self-experiments and strolling with an audio guide, the Un/Wellness Centre approaches the essence of one's own time.


The un/wellness centre is located in the outdoor area by the pool when the sun is at its highest. Swimwear is welcome, but not necessary. In the event of rain, we move to the indoor area of the pool. Arrive & wait your turn (waiting is part of the treatment).

Frl. Wunder AG is a nine person performance collective. Since 2004 they have been producing stage formats, performances, and public interventions. They work between Hannover, Berlin and elsewhere. As a feminist collective they are always concerned with pressing socio-political issues of our time. The starting point for their works is research into contradictions and utopias in their own lives, in social fields, on biographical traces and with experts from science and everyday life. From this, Frl. Wunder AG stages participative spaces of experience and magic moments of visionary societal models.

Frl. Wunder AG@10tagefreischwimmwn: Micha Kranixfeld, Verena Lobert, Svenja Wolff, Marleen Wolter.


Un/Wellness // Frl. Wunder AG

Datum: Donnerstag 02.05.2024Uhrzeit: 13:15 UhrOrt: Mineralbad Berg, Außenbereich am Pool

Un/Wellness // Frl. Wunder AG

Datum: Freitag 03.05.2024Uhrzeit: 13:15 UhrOrt: Mineralbad Berg, Außenbereich am Pool

Un/Wellness // Frl. Wunder AG

Datum: Samstag 04.05.2024Uhrzeit: 13:15 UhrOrt: Mineralbad Berg, Außenbereich am Pool