10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024


Konzert-Performance & Ausstellung

Concert performance and exhibition with Nana Hülsewig (paintings, vocals, lyrics) and Anna-Lena Michel (songwriting, vocals, guitar)

What does it mean not to disappear into insignificance on all levels as a 60-year-old woman and artist in our heteronormative society - as a sexual being, as a professional, as a serious dialogue partner, as an inspiring person?

"Iconic" is the working title for a concept that Nana Hülsewig is currently developing: It is about a queer view of biography, the ambiguity of life and the complexity of identity. Events, experiences and encounters, various roles and identities that Nana Hülsewig has been, is and will be in her life as an artist tell of a complex, diverse existence. The existence of an artist who would be unimaginable without her colleagues, allies and a team.

For "Iconic", Nana Hülsewig portrays women over 50 who are visible, who take responsibility, who intervene in our society, who use their life experience to change the way we look at things, and creates a monument to them in oil and in music. As stars, as divas, as important people, they make a humble gesture in their immodesty: "We can't help it, but we do what we can."

After the opening with a concert on 28 April, you can visit the exhibition in the RAMPE Atelier until 2 May. On 01 May there will be a MEET THE ARTIST from 2pm to 4pm.

Opening hours Iconic:

28.4 after the concert open end
1.5. 14 to 20 h MEET THE ARTIST 14-16 h
2.5. 2-8 pm


Iconic // Konzert & Ausstellungseröffnung

Datum: Sonntag 28.04.2024Uhrzeit: 16:00 UhrOrt: RAMPE, Atelier

Iconic // Ausstellung Nana Hülsewig

Datum: Mittwoch 01.05.2024Uhrzeit: 14:00 UhrOrt: RAMPE, Atelier

Iconic // Ausstellung Nana Hülsewig

Datum: Donnerstag 02.05.2024Uhrzeit: 14:00 UhrOrt: RAMPE, Atelier