10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

Rust Never Sleeps

Diskussion über das Altwerden in der Freien Szene

The pop culture series Montage on ageing in the independent dance and theatre scene

On the occasion of the 10 tage freischwimmen theatre festival, the pop culture series Montage looks at ageing in the independent performing arts: What is the situation regarding intergenerational justice and the distribution of resources such as work, money, spaces and attention? Is there a cult of youth in the independent scene and/or do the same old people always occupy important positions and repeat tried and tested, but also all too familiar forms? How do sustainability and innovation compete with each other, why is there so little cross-age dialogue, how is work documented and where is it archived? And does every generation really have to make the same mistakes as their predecessors in order to make it in the independent scene?

Wilma Renfordt from the "Digital Archive of the Independent Performing Arts" project, which has set itself the task of documenting the history of the work of the independent performing arts community, its stories of attitudes and forms of expression, but also of struggles for spaces and public recognition, has been invited.


Rust Never Sleeps // Diskussion über das Altwerden in der Freien Tanz- und Theaterszene

Datum: Montag 29.04.2024Uhrzeit: 21:00 UhrOrt: RAMPE, Atelier