10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

Sammeln, Übersetzen, Wiederaufführen

Photo: Felicitas Arnold

Workshop von Melanie Mohren und Bernhard Herbordt

Photo: Felicitas Arnold

Workshop by Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbordt

The workshop is dedicated to scores, scores and instructions as a tool for artistic practice in performance, dance, music and visual arts. Together with Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbordt, participants will develop scores for something they want to do for two hours: We perform the scores of others, change them in the process and start again from the beginning. We observe processes of authorship, learning and doing nothing together. We write down these processes, repeat them and confuse the distinctions between everyday life, art and rehearsal. The workshop's location, material and tool is a room within a room. A cubic metre archive, laboratory, exhibition architecture, canteen and stage all in one. A fold-out satellite of what is probably the first show depot for the performing arts in Stuttgart (www.das-schaudepot.org).

Registration for the event by e-mail to: kontakt@theaterrampe.de


Sammeln, Übersetzen, Wiederaufführen // Workshop von Melanie Mohren und Bernhard Herbordt

Datum: Samstag 04.05.2024Uhrzeit: 12:00 UhrOrt: RAMPE, Atelier