10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

Herz Emoji - The luck and lack of love

Photo: Simon Wachter

by SZENE 2WEI (Lahr)

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Photo: Simon Wachter
Photo: Simon Wachter
Photo: Simon Wachter

A lack of love threatens and divides our world. What is the cause of this dysfunction? And what can we do to counter it? Herz Emoji invites us to explore these and similar questions and to look deep inside ourselves.

Six dancers bring head and heart, mind and emotion together on stage. In the form of contemporary dance theatre, they create their very own view of the world and share with us the dream of an action that goes beyond intellect and reason and is based on genuine affection.

"Their truly diverse ensemble creates forms of genuine community on stage, while leaving plenty of room for individual expression. Each of the six dancers is given space for their specific talents, whether they have physical limitations or not."

Birgit Schmalmack, (hamburgtheater.de)

Following the performance, there will be an approximately half-hour post-show discussion where the artists can be asked questions and talk about the play (moderated by Fabiola Eidloth, RAMPE).


Choreography: William Sánchez H.
Direction: William Sánchez H. and Timo Gmeiner
Dance: Jörg Beese, Fernando Balsera, Ricarda Noetzel, Manuela Aranguibel, Jose Manuel
Ortiz, Matthieu Bergmiller
Music: DJ Josema - Collage
Stage design, lighting and costumes: Clément Debras
Stage management: Mercè Mayor
Workshop team: Manuela Aranguibel and Jörg Beese
Design: Valentina Boneva
Trailer: Ellen Trenn
Photo: Simon Wachter
Project assistance: Sonja Pfennigbauer
Editorial assistant and networking: Kathrina Wilke-Johnson

More informations about the artist here.


Co-production partners and sponsors: beWEGEnd e.V, City of Lahr, Theater Eurodistrict BAden ALsace, Aktion Mensch, Monsun Theater, Pfefferberg Theater, Aussicht Festival.


Datum: Samstag 04.05.2024Uhrzeit: 17:00 UhrOrt: JES - Junges Ensemble Stuttgart