6 TAGE FREI 2024


by Cia Nadine Gerspacher (Fribourg)

6 Tage Frei

  • Photo: Nicolas Clausen
  • Photo: Nicolas Clausen
  • Photo: Nicolas Clausen

It is a single, powerful emotional outburst in shimmering, quirky facets, which the company of Freiburg's native choreographer Nadine Gerspacher brings to life in their new dance theatre DAS INNERE BEBEN.

The widows' balconies in the famous Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires form the basis of this series of scenes. Gerspacher relocates the mourning isolation of the barred boxes to a spacious apartment which, despite its darkness, is the opposite of the claustrophobia: there is pain here, but no tragedy. There is shelter here, but no prison, everything can be here, everything can flow.

This performance becomes an experience thanks to its powerful imagery and incredible dynamics, which always creates new surprises: Sudden changes in tempo, artistry, continuous waves of movement, frozen silence, excessive intoxication. Nadine Gerspacher describes her field of work as “everyday dance theatre”. DAS INNERE BEBEN impressively and passionately celebrates pain, solidarity and life which leaves memories with a long-lasting effect.


Performers: Raphaëlle Sablic, Andréa Vibert, Camille Lejeune, Hedvig Edvall Bons, Armande Sanseverino, Hanna May Porlon, Genaro Cibils Alberti
Artistic direction & choreography: Nadine Gerspacher
Assistant artistic direction: Ombline Huvelle
Dramaturgy: Anna Castells
Costumes: Akimbo Future
Stage: Cia Nadine Gerspacher
Music composer: Josep Maria Baldomá
Light design: Oli Lorenz
Videos/Photos: Nicolas Clausen
Booking agent: André Barros
Press: Jasminka Wrobel

Cooperations and Funding:

In cooperation with E-werk Freiburg, Roxy Ulm, Tanzlabor Ulm, Freezone Barcelona. With the kind support of the Cultural Office of the city of Freiburg, the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for culture and the Media and the Neustart Culture Program, funded by the Federal Government commissioner for culture and the media as well as from LAFT Baden Württemberg, Regional Association of independent dance and theatre professionals.