10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

Gole Sangam

by Donya Ahmadifar (Stuttgart)


Photo: Mario Plachy
Photo: Mario Plachy

The Iran protests, a major event, reflect frustration over restrictions on freedom and human rights violations. In her performance, Donya Ahmadifar explores the emotional state of Iranians during these protests, showing their recurring urge for change and emphasising Persian culture.

The 45-minute dance performance depicts the alternation between numbness and struggle. Video sequences and Persian music complement the performance.

This project aims to show humanity in Iran. People in Iran live, dance and dream just like anywhere else in the world. The connection between the people of Iran and the global community is emphasised in order to close the gap between perception and reality.


Dance and choreography: Donya Ahmadifar
Head of research, dramaturgy: Daniela Rodriguez Romero
Music: Jens Kuhlmann

More informations about the artist here.


A co-production with RAMPE and the 10 tage freischwimmen Festival. Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart.

"Gole Sangam" celebrates its premiere as part of 10 tage freischwimmen and can also be seen in RAMPE's regular programme after the festival.

There will be an audio description for "Gole Sangam" (in German). The audio description starts 30 minutes before the start of the play with a tactile introduction.


Datum: Freitag 03.05.2024Uhrzeit: 19:00 UhrOrt: RAMPE, Saal